Master of Software Engineering (MSE)

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The Master of Software Engineering (MSE) program is focused on teaching advanced state-of-the-art technologies in software development with hands-on experience, and on applying that knowledge to challenging real-world problems. Students will acquire both technical skills and software project management skills that are required to lead and to carry out software development projects. This focus makes it distinct from the traditional Masters program in Computer Science.

Graduates with a MSE degree are prepared to:

  • design and analyze software systems
  • efficiently conduct quality assurance
  • be project leaders
  • prepare cost estimations and feasibility analysis for software projects
  • conduct testing and verification

Program prerequisites and requirements can be found in the on-line graduate catalog.


Students in the program should complete 24 credits of course work and 12 credits of a capstone project (CS 798). The course work consists of 5 core courses and 3 elective courses (500 level courses). It is recommended that as many required courses be completed as possible before the elective courses and capstone project. Any questions should be directed to the MSE program director.

Required Courses

  • CS 744 Management Issues in Software Engineering
  • CS 743 Software Verification and Validation
  • CS 742 Formal Methods in Software Development
  • CS 741 Software Engineering Principles
  • CS 546 Object-Oriented Software Development

Capstone Projects

The capstone project is a central part of the MSE project and produces both software and a written project report. Students first present a project proposal which is reviewed and approved by the student's committee. When complete the student defends the project in a formal presentation and submits a written report. Below are sample documents and a selection of capstone reports.