The Scientific Visualization Project at UW - La Crosse focuses on the development of software applications that promote the use of computation and graphics in the sciences. The value of visualization technology lies in the ability to provide users with interactive systems for exploring the inherent structure of science. Recent work has concentrated on medical visualization.

Anatomy The DigitalCadaver project and related work.
Biochemistry Simulations of protein conformation and protein / membrane interaction.
Computer Science Applications in the theory of computation
Mathematics Applications in various areas of mathematics.
Computational Science Applications in the simulation of fluid flow.
Next Generation Internet Software applications developed under a collaborative project with the Stanford SUMMIT group to explore medical applications of the NGI.
About The Visualization Laboratory
Research Experiences for Undergraduates This is an archive of the REU program in medical imaging conducted at UW-La Crosse during the summer of 1997 & 1998.

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