The goal of science is to expose the structure manifested in the physical world. In the broadest sense structure includes not only the physical characterics of objects but their dynamic behavior as well and the interconnected constraints that determine that behavior.

Computation has always been a critical tool for science in the discovery of structure. Increasingly, however, direct computation has become the tool of first choice for discovering and presenting structure. Advances in the technology of computation have only accelerated this trend.

FACILITIES The Scientific Visualization Laboratory is located in Cowley 1003. The laboratory computing equipment includes an 8 processor SGI 2100, stereo capable workstations, Sun and Linux servers and several wireless handheld computers. Other equipment includes a rear projection stereo display, user tracking systems and force feedback devices. Funding has been obtained through grants from National Library of Medicine, the National Science Foundation, Allied Signal and the University of Wisconsin System.
All of the images contained on these Web pages were created for gamma corrected displays. These images may seem dark on some displays. For a good discussion of this subject see "Why Do Images Appear Darker on Some Displays?" by Robert W. Berger.

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