As a part of its mission to promote and advance scientific and engineering progress in the United States, the National Science Foundation funds programs designed to attract talented undergraduates to careers in mathematics, science and engineering. The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program is one such effort. Through this program, thousands of undergraduate students annually participate in research projects at sponsoring colleges and universities. By creatively working at research problems in their chosen field of interest, students not only expand their knowledge beyond standard curriculum topics, but also gain a deeper appreciation for the unsolved problems of their discipline. This experience in invaluable as students make choices regarding future careers and graduate level education.
The University of Wisconsin at La Crosse is one of 12 comprehensive universities in the University of Wisconsin System. UW-L is a predominantly undergraduate university with a current enrollment of approximately 8,500 students. La Crosse is located on the Mississippi River in Wisconsin's Coulee Region and offers a variety of recreational opportunities.
COMPUTATION AND VISUALIZATION AT UW-L Since 1989 a group of faculty at UW-L have been active in promoting the use of computation and scientific visualization techniques to subjects in the undergraduate science curriculum. This has recently led to the development of an interdisciplinary minor in Computational Science. This minor allows students to satisfy the College of Science and Allied Health's core requirements by combining a background in mathematical computation and computer science with application areas in the sciences. UW-L has received a variety of grants to support this effort.
UW-L ANATOMY PROJECT As an outgrowth of the various visualization projects, UW-L has for the last two years been working with the visualization of anatomical data sets such as the Visible Human Project (TM) data set commissioned by the National Library of Medicine. This effort at UW-L has produced a client/server based software environment which allows non-technical users to work with the data set and create volume rendered reconstructions of user defined anatomical features.
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